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On-Call Crisis Intervention Assistance

Same Day Crisis Management for plan members.

  • 45 minutos

Descripción del servicio

Crisis intervention services are provided in response to a crisis in order to reduce or manage symptoms and prevent admission of an individual to a more restrictive environment. This may include providing emotional support in adapting to and coping with any immediate stressors. These same day appointments are provided to any eligible member or child to address acute challenges or symptom related problems that interfere with the individual’s functioning in their environment. *Please note On-Call Crisis Assistance appointments DO NOT rollover to the next month if they are unused. Additionally, these appointments cannot not used to substitute missed appointment sessions. *Individuals in the G.L.O.W Motivational Program are allotted one (1) On-Call Crisis Assistance appointment a month per plan. *Individuals in the Spiritual Nirvana Program are allotted one (1) On-Call Crisis Assistance appointment a month per plan. *Families in the G.A.P Program are allotted two (2) On-Call Crisis Assistance appointment a month per plan. *Families in the Spiritual G.A.P Program are allotted two (2) On-Call Crisis Assistance appointment a month per plan. *An example of a On-Call Crisis Intervention appointment would be to establish a new routine after experiencing a traumatic event, decreasing disruptive behaviors, or assisting with symptoms associated with mental health disparities. On-Call Crisis Intervention Assistance Appointment If you need to use your On-Call Crisis Intervention Assistance appointment please visit the website to book your appointment under Emergency Guidance. The schedule will only allow you to book the next available appointment. Therefore, we want you to book the next available appointment and then email your mentor informing them of the emergency via the chat box on the website. Your mentor will then contact you with a same day appointment for you or your child between the business hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST Monday through Friday.

Cancellation Policy

Spiritual Guidance Consultations ( All Spiritual guidance readings will be delivered via a private YouTube link the day of your appointment): 1. All appointments are to be paid for beforehand via our secure e-payment at 2. Policy on late arrival, cancellation and no-shows: A 24 hour notice is required for clients participating in Divinely ME programs and services when meeting via Zoom links ONLY. If you are scheduled for a reading you will be emailed a pre-recorded link at your appointment time. If you do not adhere to the advance notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited. Please take the time to email me or call me if you need to reschedule your appointment. If you have booked a reading via Zoom, you must be signed in at your scheduled appointment time. If we cannot contact you due to you providing incorrect contact information when booking, your reading will be considered a missed appointment and no refund or rescheduling will be offered. 3. Late Appointments: If you are late for your appointment Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC will wait 15 minutes, after which, your appointment will be cancelled. In addition, no discount or credit will be provided for the time you missed. Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC cannot alter appointments at short notice to accommodate late arrivals as this would cause delays and inconvenience for other clients. If your appointment is cancelled due to lateness (as outlined above) or if you are a no-show, you will forfeit the entire advance payment and will not be refunded. Furthermore, if you are a no-show, no further appointments will be given. Lastly, if you provide false or misleading information at the time of booking, Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC may cancel your booking and no refund will be provided. This includes but is not limited to: Confirming you are over 18 when you are not. (Clients must be over 18 to have a reading, Photo ID may be required.); Confirming that you are someone you are not; Intentional Bullying, Theft of Intellectual Property, Abuse of Spirituality or Spiritual Gifts, and/or Gang-stalking; Falsification of information and/or falsely confirming your identity in ANY correspondence or via our online booking forms, may result in the consultation(s) being cancelled. Clients providing false information or using divination as a means of stalking will not be seen and will not be refunded. 4. Rescheduled Appointments: If you cannot attend your appointment and you advise Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC of this more 24 hours before your appointment is due to start, as an alternative to cancellation, you may reschedule your appointment without incurring any additional charges. Such appointments may only be rescheduled once. Any subsequent attempts on your part to reschedule or cancel the appointment, will forfeit your entire payment and you will not be given any refund.   5. Once your consultation is complete I do not offer refunds for my services, for ANY reason. If you are left with questions after your reading I will try to clarify them as much as possible. 6. Services Agreement: You will be remitting payment as a “Service”, not “Goods.” The services you’re paying me for is my knowledge, experience, insights, foresights, and the time it takes for me to customize, meditate, channel, and personalize your consultations. 7. By scheduling a consultation with Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC and/or DBA Divine Soul Sessions you confirm that you have read and agree to the cancellation policy and booking conditions. 8. Follow-up questions after the reading has concluded are limited due to the constraints of scheduling. Please be sure to address your concerns or need for clarification during our session. Once the session has concluded, follow-up questions will require purchasing a follow-up reading. 9. Right(s) to Refuse and/or Cancel Service(s): Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC reserves the right to cancel any consultation/spiritual guidance/reading/session/group booking/Tarot party/ event without notice. Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without obligation to specify a reason and without liability. This includes but is not limited to anyone who is rude, aggressive, abusive or violent, anyone who appears to be intoxicated and/or under the influence of a mind altering substance, anyone who provides false or misleading information at the time of booking or who is deemed unsuitable or unfit to have a reading and/or services. Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC or its suppliers shall in no way be liable for any damages resulting from the cancellation of a reading/session/group booking/Tarot party. All bookings are non-transferable. Divinely ME Holistic Center, LLC reserves the right to alter this cancellation policy at any time without notice.

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